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Hello!  I’m Stu aged 24, originally from Manchester and now living in Leeds with my girlfriend Philippa.  For our day jobs, I’m a software engineer and Philippa is a business analyst.  Our shared love though (besides each other, obviously!) is food.  It’s completely normal for us to be eating dinner with a cooking show on in the background – in fact, most of the shows on our Sky+ box are food related.

One of the things we like to do at the weekend is to plan our meals for the week ahead.  We find that this is a great way to make sure you have food in for the week and if you know that you’ll need a quick meal one night then you can plan accordingly.  It also means you don’t have to go shopping multiple times a week because you don’t know what you’re going to eat from one night to the next!  And (are you allowed to start a sentence with a conjunction these days?) it gives us a good excuse to go through the ever increasing number of cookery books we’ve got!

We’re really lucky that Leeds has so many quality restaurants because we do like to treat ourselves and go out for the occasional treat.  Most of the blog posts will be about the restaurants we go to in Leeds but whenever we venture further afield, we’ll write about any restaurants we come across there as well.

We’ve just had a week off from work and given that the weather has been terrible, we entertained ourselves by going out for food three nights of the week.  I’ll have a post up shortly about each of the three places we went to: Pinche Pinche, Dough Bistro and Jamie’s Italian.  We also braved the rain and went to Kirkstall Deli on Saturday so I’ll write about that as well.

There’s one other post that I’ll tease you with.  For Philippa’s birthday in March, we went to Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck Restaurant – one of only four restaurants in the UK to have three Michelin stars.  The tasting menu has a pretty epic 14 courses (and you can bet we took photos of every single one of them!) which we had with matched wine.  It was an unbelievable experience which I hope I can do justice to in a blog post.

This is the first time I’ve blogged so if you’ve got any comments, advice or suggestions please get in touch either via Twitter (@A_Hungry_Hippo) or leave a comment below.

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